Anchorage Bar Association News

Accepting Nominations to Board of Directors – no later than Nov. 10, 2020

The seats are 3-year terms, commencing January 1, 2021.  The Anchorage Bar Association, Board of Directors, is compiled of 16 volunteer attorneys. The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss events and topics . The Anchorage Bar Association has approximately 200 members.    If interested, you may nominate yourself or someone else, please contact Jolene Hotho at (907) 227-2993; or email at

Electronic Ballots for 2020

This year you will be receiving your ballot to vote for the Board of Directors whose terms are up at the end of 2020 via e-mail.  Your ballot will be similar to the Alaska Bar ballot.  In mid-November they will be emailed out.  Be on the lookout!

Anchorage Bar 2021 Membership Dues – FREE for 2020 Members!

Due to COVID and unprecedented issues everyone is experiencing – 2021 membership is free to all who were members in 2020!  Hopefully we will be able to have a social some time in the near future.  Until then, the Anchorage Bar Association is offering free membership for those loyal members who paid dues in 2020.

We have combined the different types of memberships into one form for ease and convenience.

If you practice within the Anchorage area, you are a voting member and the dues is $65.00.  If you practice in Alaska but live outside the Anchorage area or in another state, you are an associate member and dues are $50.00.  If you are a newly admitted lawyer and 2019 is your first year of practice, your membership is free!  You will need to renew to keep your name and areas of practice listed in the directory.   If you are a law clerk, or do not have a bar number, you are an affiliate member and dues are $25.00.

The sooner you send in your dues form and payment, the sooner you can enjoy your LifeBalance benefits!  If you have a question as to completing the form, please email or leave a message at 907-250-4291.  You will be able to renew either by mail, fax or submit on-line.

We appreciate you supporting your local Bar Association!