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  Young Lawyers Section

The Young Lawyer Section (YLS) of the Anchorage Bar Association is a social and service section of the Anchorage Bar Association geared toward introducing beginning attorneys to the legal practice and the Anchorage legal community.  Attorneys and law clerks 35 years of age and younger and those in their first five years of practice are eligible to be members of YLS.  YLS members are encouraged to be members of the Anchorage Bar Association.

YLS Activities

YLS has over 100 members who engage in the following activities:
  • Host swearing-in receptions for lawyers newly admitted to practice in Alaska
  • Provide attorney volunteers for six landlord-tentant clinics a year
  • Organize the annual "Race Judicata" ~ a 5 km run fundraiser for Anchorage Youth Court
  • Sponsor and organize the Alaska High School Mock Trial Competition
  • Conduct a clothing drive for interview clothes for youth
  • Throw a holiday party for homeless youth at Covenant House
  • Participate in monthly meetings at the Glacier Brewhouse
  • Coordinate social networking events for YLS members

To join the YLS e-mail list and/or to obtain additional information about YLS, please contact us at YLSanchorage@gmail.com


Upcoming Events

May 6, 2012—Race Judicata—0:00 a.m. Westchester Lagoon

More events to be announced.

Join the Anchorage Bar Association
If you are a new lawyer but not yet a member of the Anchorage Bar Association, please consider joining and supporting the organization that supports YLS.  Go to the Membership page for application forms.  Your first year of membership after passing the bar is free. October 5, 2011:  Monthly YLS meeting at Orso at noon.  Featuring a panel of young attorneys who have recently started their own law practices.

YLS Board of Directors

President - Chelsea Ray

Vice President/President-Elect - Helen Poitra-Chalmers

Director of Communications - Rebecca Eshbaugh

Treasurer - Beth Oates

Social Chair - Jeff Davis

For additional information about YLS, please contact us at YLSanchorage@gmail.com